Burgundy wine tour Château du Clos de Vougeot
Discover Burgundy

Burgundia Tour offers year-round excursions from Paris to
the very heart of Burgundy and its world-renowned vineyards.
All wine and gourmet food tours are all-inclusive
and available in English.

Burgundy wine tour Ruby day tour
Ruby Day-Tour

A full day's epicurean excursion for gourmets.
Depart from the center of Paris for a unique experience off the beaten
path in the heart of Burgundy. Learn its history, taste its rich gastronomy,
contemplate the two thousand year old vineyards on the "grands crus"
road and taste great wines direct from the wine cellars.

Burgundy wine tour Yellow Sapphire two-day tour
Yellow Sapphire Two-Day Tour

A wonderful two-day, one night epicurean getaway to the very heart
of Burgundy. Depart from Paris with your chauffeur and guide.
Visit historic places, stroll among the vineyards, and taste vintages
in the company of winemakers and sommeliers. Enjoy French
gastronomy and upscale hotels.

Burgundy wine tour Red Diamond custom tour
Red Diamond Custom Tours

Our ultimate custom package!
From the airport to the vineyards of Burgundy and back again,
we ensure that your every need is met. Travel to and from the airport in
comfort and style, and tour Burgundy on foot, by bike, in a hot-air balloon,
or even in a helicopter ! Tell us about your ideal Burgundy vacation,
and we will strive to make your dream a reality.

Wine Tours from Paris to Burgundy Roundtrip

Burgundia Tour has something to offer everyone, from enthusiastic novices to passionate connoisseurs of Burgundy wines. We have designed four unique travel experiences. Like the precious stones whose names they share, all four tours remind us of the most beautiful Grands Crus wines.

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Our advisors are available to answer your questions. Monday to Friday, 2 pm to 7 pm (Paris, Central European Time)

Our Travel Agency

A True Blue Ambassador of Burgundy

Burgundia Tour is a travel agency based in Paris that specializes in tours of the wine country of Burgundy.
Throughout the year, we offer extraordinary, fully customized excursions to great historic and cultural locations in Burgundy. We are proud to add new excursions and to update our itineraries regularly. Our tour packages are all-inclusive, and they are available in English and French. We offer a unique way to discover Burgundy in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.
We look forward to welcoming you on the road to Burgundy!
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